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Seviye Tespit Sınavı

Aşağıdaki metni okuyunuz.


A little mouse lives in a big forest. One day she is hungry, so she walks around the forest and looks for some food. Suddenly, she meets a lion. The lion is very angry, so he roars. The mouse is frightened. The lion catches the mouse.

                The mouse screams, ‘Please Mr. Lion, let me go.’ If you let me go, one day I will help you.’

                The lion is surprised and laughs. He says to the mouse, ‘You are small. I am big. How can you help me?’

                The mouse begs, ‘Mr. Lion, let me go. I have children at home. They are hungry. Please pity me.’

                The lion becomes very sad and says, ‘OK, you can go, but from now on, walk carefully.’

                The mouse is very pleased and says, ‘Thank you very much.’

                The lion says, ‘You are welcome.’

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